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Sheridan Products
Caboose Kits


Caboose Kits
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Part # Description Price

CL-1 Round Roof Long Caboose $295.00

CL-2 Peak Roof Long Caboose $295.00

CL-3 Short Caboose $275.00

INT-1 Interior, Rnd. Roof, Long $55.00

INT-2 Interior, Pk, Roof, Long $55.00

INT-3 Interior, Short $55.00

D&RGW Narrow Gauge Caboose Kits

Our kits contain a body completely assembled from bass wood with removable roof so that you may install an interior kit. All holes for the castings are already drilled in order to help you with the correct placement of them. Roof walks are assembled ready to install after you paint the roof. Our trucks are true reproductions of the trucks used by the D&RGW.

The wheelsets are plated brass with steel axles. The couplers are by Kadee. We furnish decals made for us by Microscale. If you desire, we can supply Larry Larsen Graphics for an extra charge.

Caboose Interior Kits are also available. The interiors are completely assembled ready for paint and installation.